Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday, July 13, 2007

I know I know I know!

I'm so remiss. Pictures to make up for it?

An update! Sophia's 7.5 months. Where has the time gone? She has 2 bottom teeth, is desperately trying to crawl, can get back to sitting from crawling position, says "ma ma" and "ba ba" and "ya ya", eats every fruit, vegetable and grain in sight and has a special fondness for Raspberry Sorbet.

After a short stint with some low milk supply issues, the medication domperidone is working for us and Sophia's gained back the pound she lost plus some. She's up over 19lbs and was 27inches in May, which means she's probably closer to 28, now.

My mom and my sister got me a sewing machine as an early birthday present. It sat in the box for a month while things were hectic around here, but my friend Natalie and I busted it out last week. I'm addicted now, thankyouverymuch.

I've made two outfits. A romper:

and a dress (I even made the trim!):

"are you gonna eat that?"

"mmmm, foccacia!!"

"mmm, camera lens cap"

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sophia wants to talk to you!

Taken today, she's so adorable!

3 out of the last 6 nights she's done a 9 hour stretch of sleep! The first time, I woke up and freaked out! Last night, I woke up and pumped my fist in victory ;) She was in such a great mood today, I thought I'd take a video!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


She's so cute!

I think she's starting to giggle, and not just in her sleep. I've heard it twice!

Matt's in Orlando until Saturday night (he left yesterday morning) and I was worried about the evenings, since she's usually pretty fussy, but last night she was amazing! Someone suggested we try Maalox/Mylanta for the reflux to help cover what the Prevacid doesn't (the dr. switched us to Zantac and that was a NIGHTMARE, my poor baby!) and it worked beeeeeeeautifully. We bounced on the yoga ball a little, watched a Tivo'd Price is Right, played under the gymani, played and chatted and she was out at 8:15p and slept until 2:30a, and then until 7:45a! Woohoo!

She was 15lbs3oz and 24.5 inches long at the doctor on Friday :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm sorry!

I know it's no excuse, but we're all getting over being sick! I promise to do better :) Especially now that she's doing stuff like this:

And this:

And here she's channeling her inner Elvis:

She's also very thoughtful, taking time to think about things:

We're heading back to the doctor tomorrow because we think the Prevacid she's been on for reflux maybe isn't working anymore. She's gone back to arching her back a lot and screaming in pain while sleeping sometimes. She's also bringing a lot more up than she used to, and that's been bothering her, too. Hopefully we can get this worked out soon, and helping her feeling better! I went off dairy on Jan 1st and that seems to be helping with the gassiness issues she was having. She still has fussy time in the evenings, but that's pretty normal. She's pretty laid back and enjoying life in general right now :)

At Christmas she got to meet Grandma Bonnie:

...and we had an early Christmas with Granny:

...and Aunt Margie:

We can't wait to see everyone again!